Prepare4Uni helps students make better University and course choices.

We do this by connecting you with current students who can give you unbiased real time feedback.


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Prepare4Uni helps students make informed choices based on unbiased feedback.

Prepare4Uni enables prospective students to search and connect with current students to gain unbiased feedback about the University, Course, Academic environment, Student life, and Job opportunities.

All our mentors are current or recent students who get paid by the students for their advice i.e they are not Student Ambassadors paid by Universities.

How It Works

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Create a profile by answering simple questions.

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Use the filters on the search for an advisor page to filter the "best-fit" advisor

Repeat this for as many Courses  as you would like to and complete the payment

Connect On Call

A prepare4uni staffer will get in touch with you and setup a video call between you and the mentor

(if you have chosen multiple mentors then each call will be between you and 1 mentor)

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